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Tony        So how did you get the gig to work the comedy clubs in the first place?        I had to audition In order to become what they call a paid regular at The Comedy Store I had to do open mike nights for two years Then Mitzi Shore who is the owner would showcase you every few months to see if you were improving Then after a period of time if she thought you had polished up enough she would make you a paid regular That means that you could phone in every week and get one or more spots on the regular lineup in one of her rooms either the Original Room the Main Room or the Belly Room The first place to pay me to do comedy in Southern California was The Ice House in Pasadena where I was an MC and opening act for a year or two TONY        How did you. Var sc_project=501088; var sc_partition=3; top

Then I transitioned into a 15-year career in the radio business I was a DJ a music director a production director a talk show host every radio job you could imagine Then I would get invited to host various events out in the public at night clubs and so forth and I had a regular job as an MC at a jazz night club in Buffalo NY Part of this responsibility was entertaining the audience so I started to build a little repertoire of material for myself that expanded over time and I got a little bit of a following So the owner of the jazz club gave me my own evening to do a night of comedy on a Monday which was typically a dark (closed) night We built a nice reputation myself and several other comedians so I was smitten by doing standup comedy I just loved to.